Is the Moovweb XDN a Netlify or Vercel alternative?

First, that’s the right comparison. We are a Jamstack platform in the same category—we are an all-in-one platform to develop, deploy, preview, run, monitor, defend, and experiment on websites that use frameworks such as Next.js, Nuxt, React, Vue, Angular, Sapper, et al. So you get the simple, powerful developer workflow you’re accustomed to with Netlify or Vercel.

The Moovweb XDN is different given it was built from the ground up for large, dynamic websites such as eCommerce.

Try it for yourself and see an examples of a sub-second dynamic React site running on the XDN at !


Our “jam” is bringing the performance and front-end developer productivity benefits of the Jamstack to teams at large, dynamic websites where traditional static techniques don’t apply. For these teams, our platform makes their websites faster for their users and easier for their developers to manage. While we’re less well known in the ecosystem we have a long track record with some of the biggest brands in the world. While we do have a free tier, we’re not focused on sites like personal blogs or a small number of pages. While you can totally run those on the XDN, where the XDN shines is on large, dynamic sites — household names like Shoe Carnival, Sharper Image, and Revolve.

The hallmark pieces of the Moovweb XDN platform are: